Gepost door: lisetskiezels | 18 december 2014

Deep down memory lane

Throwback Thursday
Down memory lane.
This is 1978.
Our Caracalla-group went by train to
one of our gang living in Maastricht.
Marcel Maas. He wanted to be an actor. Where ever is he now?

Train stopped dead halfway for hours…..
We stepped outside in the sun and waited….
Everybody did a waiting, making the most of it.
Enjoying the sun.
Wires had to be mended somewhere on the line.
Finally, after many hours more than were planned, we entered Maastricht.
This beautiful old city in deep Dutch southern hill country.
And had lots of fun exploring the city and the food. And more.
Yesterday my dear friend Cokkie visited me.
We know eah other more than 47 years!
She had to travel for hours. Living way up North.
Very dear, lots of hugs, sharing dear moments. Talking about life and the mystery of it. We will meet again, somewhere, sometime, some life. Next life.
Back to this life, 1978.


Here she is on the train, with dear friends Marie Florence and Yoy.
We were 22.


And me on the ancient wall. Very flower power. šŸŒ»
Look at my shoes! Home made crochet stuff.
Whoever took this picture….
Maybe Yoy. Also always taking pics.


And us in this vintage lamp.
What fun.
How young we were.
Learning to be a photographer, I was.
The others were students… Nursing, Italian languages, pharmacy.
Bart scanned the negatives this afternoon. He and me were in a relationship then. Started 1977, November.
Those were the days, my friend. Those were the days.



  1. So nice… mooi… van toen naar nu naar ooit.

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