Gepost door: lisetskiezels | 20 juni 2012

Mountain to climb again

Green light for the next step in the land of cancer treatment.

Tomorrow chemo treatment no 2.

It is like climbing a mountain, first passing deep, steep canyons, descending – going down going down; somewhere up there you know there is some light, should be light, will be light,  you keep that in mind, and just go on and on, step by step, not looking or planning far ahead. One foot, two …. Then you feel the path is going up again, gradually at first, you can feel the steep and rough track is changing, almost unnoticed, and suddenly there you are: light all around you and you can see new horizons. You can feel it in the air: change is coming. Never give up! Keep looking on the bright side of Life! 😉

Technical details: blood test showed good results. Tumor marker C125 reduced from 950 to 612. That is 33%, my son H. told me. Ascites (abdomal liquids) decreasing as well, I can feel it in my tommy. So that is excellent news! “They got you the right bags with medicine, my dear!” my Mr. B said. So the body is in good shape and the spirit ready for it, the next in the row of 6.

Thumbs up, fingers crossed, wish me luck and more of your support!

Licht op de flanken van .... en Lac de Roselend

Mont Blanc in evening light. Lac de Roselend, Beaufortain, Haute-Savoie, France Alpes, 2008. After a fabulous but strenuous walk into the mountains with Huib and Bart up to the Col de Bresset, 2000 m.





  1. Ik blijf voor je duimen. Hopen dat de chemo nog meer zijn best gaat doen.

  2. Zon op je pad!

  3. My thumbs are up, my fingers are crossed and my good wishes are coming your way. Keep up the good spirit. XX

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