Gepost door: lisetskiezels | 25 april 2012

May day may day 1!!!

Coming soon:

May 1International Sunflower day !

Do you like sunflowers? I do. They gave such delight. Not only for me, as you can see.

Some are just popping out of the soil, in my indoor seed container. I’m talking seeds here. Later, when they have grown bigger and stronger I’ll find them some space in the garden.

Here is another idea: Like more ‘sun’ around you?


Sow anywhere you like and you think some ‘lightening up’ would be heavenly nice: sunflower seeds! You’ll be a Guerrilla Gardener, but hey, wouldn’t it be spectacular!?!?!

Join the fun!

Join the sun!

You can do it!

Here’s a link: Here you’ll find an international link.

(In case you forgot to count my posts, this was No. 70. Flowers for the celebration!)



  1. Wauwww…voor zo n druildag als vandaag, is dit plaatje echt n opsteker

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