Gepost door: lisetskiezels | 11 februari 2012

Looking on the bright side

Once again it was a tough decision to make: to skate or to walk. It was like balancing on the edge. In the end I was glad I went for the sea, again through the dunes of Westduinpark and into the sun on the beach, the blue blue sky above and the gentle sea rish-rushing mildly, tide starting to come in again.  So much beauty on the land and water. Being there, just being there, and in such good company, my good old ‘chauffeur’, the best. I have to confess it was not an easy choice on this bright sunny day, of all days, with so much thick excellent ice all over the country’s waterways.

Still, once again ‘looking on the bright side’ kept a happy smile on my face.

Zwaarscheden in ijs op strand, Zuiderstrand Den Haag

Bright light on the edge


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